5 Top Backpacker Destinations in Thailand

Backpackers truly have the world at their feet. With a minimum amount of luggage, enough cash in the bank and a travel insurance policy to cover unforeseen emergencies, life could not be easier. Almost every country on earth is geared up to accept backpackers with open arms. In fact the whole backpacking industry has been growing steadily for the last 20 years and shows no sign of abating.In fact, some countries are so geared up could be forgiven for thinking they are being excluded from the local community. Special backpacker accommodation, special backpacker buses, special back packer tours are just some of the elements of this growing industry designed to cater exclusively for predominantly young travellers with a pack on the back.In Thailand, it is possible to go on a backpacking tour and never talk to a local! Whilst this may suit some people, including some locals, there are still plenty who are looking for an adventure and a taste of the local lifestyle. In this article we will look at the five top backpacker destinations in Thailand to help you plan your trip.Ko Pha Ngan. Although the beach here is legendary there’s much more to do than simply lie around on the sand. You can drift from beach to beach if you wish as there are over a dozen to choose from, but with a little more effort it’s worthwhile exploring the interior jungle where you will find waterfalls and miles of hiking tracks. You can stay for a few days in luxurious accommodation or go a bit downmarket and stay for a couple of weeks.
Ko Tao. This is probably Thailand’s top destination for scuba divers. The crystal clear water and the stunning coral reef make this one of the world’s most popular places to obtain a scuba licence. It is also extremely cheap and you can have a really awesome holiday here whilst doing a little business on the side.
Sangkhlaburi. This fascinating Bordertown is the only place in Thailand where you will see such a diverse ethnic spectrum. Each of the Burmese, Non, Karen, Thai and Lao inhabitants insist on speaking their own language but if English is your native tongue it won’t make much of a difference anyway. Although it is bereft of most of the tourist trappings you may become used to in other parts of Thailand, you can relax and watch the fishing boats on the lake and simply relax and immerse yourself into an unusual part of the country.
Khao Sok National Park. This unusual National Park is a welcome contrast to the sand and jungle that shrouds most of Thailand. You can walk alone through the thick rainforests and stand in awe of the waterfalls splashing over limestone cliffs. It is simply breathtaking.
Mae Hong Son Province. Located in the deep north west of Thailand, the province is mostly mountain and forest. It has been a hidden jewel until the last couple of years as more tourists, prominently backpackers, have become aware of this “off the beaten track” destination. Without saying any more, make yourself a promise and visit this remote part of Thailand.Remember to organise your holiday insurance before arriving in Thailand and take the time out to visit at least one of these unusual destinations for the trip of a lifetime.